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June 06, 2012


Revolving Diet


I've had three knee surgeries, but never LOCKED knees, that sounds painful!!! AND what is versa climber?? (I will have to look that up)
So you feel my pain as you have had the same too!! What the hell are we doing to ourselves?? I like trying new things - but I must be nuts with this INSANITY..but I will plug away and see what happens, either I will conquer it or it will conquer me! Hope you are doing well! Thank you for your kind notes and prayers through my sisters ordeal. It's been rough and I think this is why I am pushing myself so hard, just trying to numb the pain and keep my mind busy. Thank you so much! It's great to have a friend like you to commiserate with!!!!
Love Rene


OMG - I know that pain. Once I sat on the toilet to pee and had to HAUL myself up by hanging on the sink and pulling up. This was after several weeks of running, versa climber sets and other stuff.

My knees were LOCKED. No long term damage though.

Hang in there, baby. You're an inspiration.

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